Status: Alive


Reginald is a jolly Brit, who fought against The British Invasion. He is clearly of high standing in the armed forces, though which branch is unclear.

Personality: Reginald is always seemingly joyous, extreme extroverted, and a bit boorish. However, he seems to have friends wherever he goes, and a lifetime’s experience under his often expanding belt.

Chapter 1:

Reginald is introduced to Zulu has judge of their first trial. Reginald is very confident of Zulu’s abilities, although up to this point he has never seen them in action. He accompanies Zulu on their first mission, but does not interfere. It is unknown how he marked Zulu.

Full Name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
D.O.B./Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Ethnicity: British
Occupation: Unclear

Physical Appearance
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6’4
Weight: unknown
Build: unknown
Distinguishing Marks: Mustache and Beard
Conditions: Unknown
Hair: Scraggly, Light Brown

Notable Relationships: None


UN: Zulu KyleCamelot