UN: Zulu

Chapter 1: Giant Ants and Wererats
We've All Got to Start Somewhere

The newly formed Zulu began working for the United Nations in Boston, Massachusetts. Zulu met The Handler, another high ranked British Soldier, Reginald, and a British teleportation wizard, Warren.

Zulu’s first task was underwhelming, not espionage or assassination, but bug extermination. As a test, one to be evaluated by Reginald, Zulu traveled to Belle Vernon, PA, where there had been reports of rat and ant infestation. Zulu battled against the remnants of a Giant Ant hive, and searching deeper into the site, were attacked by zombies, skeletons, kobolds, and recently transformed wererats. These minions apparently served a trio of wererats that were holed up in an abandoned dungeon buried within Belle Vernon. It was a tough battle, but Zulu achieved victory.

Notable events:

Formation of Zulu
Introduction of Laughing Guy, Dudley Dudeguybro, Orslik, Quinn, The Handler, Reginald, Warren.
Creation of the Fastball Special


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